Delete Searches

Searches can be removed at audit group level. This deletes all the searches within the clinical category, it is good practice to delete any searches that are no longer required.

  1. Select Maintenance mode from the toolbar.
  2. Right click on the audit you want to delete.
  3. Choose Delete Searches.
    A prompt "Are you sure you wish to delete category X?" displays.
  4. Select Yes to proceed.
    The audit is removed.

Inactivating searches

Individual searches cannot be deleted, only inactivated.

  1. Right click on the search you want to inactivate.
  2. Choose Inactive Line from the menu.
    The search in inactivated - there is no prompt.

Display Inactive Searches

From the Searches menu you need to tick Inactive Searches.

A red cross displays next to inactive searches.

Reactivating Searches

To reactivate a search, display inactive searches, then right click on an inactive line and remove the tick next to Inactive line.