Downloading and Importing Clinical Audits

New or amended audits are included in the Clinical Audit Downloads section of this Help Centre, these can be downloaded, unzipped and imported into Clinical Audit.

Audits of general interest usually come under the In Practice Systems heading. Others are specifically requested, for example, by practices or CCG/Health Board.

Downloading Clinical Audits

To download new or updated audits:

  1. Select the Download button from the Help Centre Home screen.
  2. The audits display by country for Influenza audits, last 120 days or alphabetically.

  3. Select the heading of the audit you require.
  4. Note - You can choose to either download the full audit suite or a particular audit section.
  5. Select the downloaded file. Depending on your browser settings a security warning displays, select Run if prompted.
  6. When prompted, select Yes to the following message:
  7. Please do not change the default location. Files extract to O:\Downloads\Audits. Do you wish to continue?

  8. Next, select Unzip:

    The files download to this location.
  9. Select OK to the confirmation message “files unzipped successfully”.

Importing the Audits into Clinical Audit

To import the audits you have downloaded into Clinical Audit:

  1. From the Vision front screen, select Clinical Audit.
  2. Select File - Maintenance Mode:

  3. Now select Searches - Import Searches, the default location is O:\DOWNLOAD\audit.
    The Import Searches screen displays:

  4. Select View Menu and choose Details, now double click on the Date Modified column so the most recent date is at the top.
  5. Highlight the audit you require and select Open.
  6. You may be prompted "Importing this file will replace existing searches in the same category, Do you wish to continue?", select Yes to proceed.
    Note - If you download more than one audit, each audit must be imported separately.
  7. Select File - Maintenance Mode to exit Maintenance Mode.

Activate Reminders

Audit lines with pale yellow reminders have inactive reminders. You can choose which reminders you want to activate before you generate the new audit, after generation reminders display as yellow post-its on the relevant patient record within Consultation Manager.

To activate a reminder:

  1. From Clinical Audit, find the audit line with the pale yellow inactive reminder .
  2. Right click on the audit line and select Active reminder:

The reminder activates and displays a dark yellow symbol.

  1. Following generation of Clinical Audit, the reminder can be viewed from the patient’s record in Consultation Manager.

Generate the New Audit

Following the import of audits the Generate tab displays in red, signifying that the statistics are out of date.

These generate automatically overnight.

If immediate generation is needed, hosted practices need to contact Helpline, practices with their own server can regenerate.

  1. From Clinical Audit select the Generate tab:
  2. Untick:
    • Generate Reminders - If this is the only audit for which you are generating statistics. If you are about to do your usual monthly generation, leave this ticked.
    • Export Audit after Generation - If ticked.
  3. Select:
    • Continue generation for … - To run the newly imported audit, or.
    • Generate data for … - To run a full generation.

View the following video to see how to download and import Clinical Audits:


Downloading and Importing Clinical Audits (1:52)

Important - For practices with a hosted server, for example AEROS, you must watch the videos on your local desktop. To do this copy and paste the url for this web page into your local browser. Local health board restrictions may also affect access.
See Video Tutorials for further Clinical Audit videos.
Note - To print this topic select Print in the top right corner and follow the on-screen prompts.