Generate History

You can add a clinical term to all patients in a group.

Note - All entries are added with the same date.
This facility does not allow you to retrospectively >edit previous history entries.

This option is disabled for users who do not have rights to add data in Consultation Manager.

  1. Select the patient group you want to add a clinical term to.
  2. From the menu choose Group Applications > Generate History or select the Generate History button.

  3. Select the Group Name to continue.

    A brief screen displays confirming how many patients are in the group, followed by the History Add screen.
  4. In Read Term for Characteristic enter a keyword and return.
    Alternatively, press F3 to browse the clinical term dictionary and select a code.
  5. Add any free text in the Comment box, and if required change the priority.
  6. Select Ok to proceed.
    The entry is added to all the patients in the group.