Enabling Pharmacy Nomination

The following Pharmacy Nomination options are available:

  • View - Enables your patients to view their preferred pharmacy, and in England they can also see their Electronic Prescription Services (EPS) Nominated Pharmacy.
  • Update - England only, enables your patients to update their EPS Nominated Pharmacy which in turn updates the Patient Demographic Service (PDS).
Note - The View and Update (England only) Pharmacy Nomination is enabled by default.

Enable/Update Pharmacy Nomination

To update the Patient Services Pharmacy Nomination option for all of your patients:

  1. From Control Panel - File Maintenance, select Online .
  2. From Pharmacy Nomination:
  • Tick/untick View to enable/disable your patients ability to see:
    • Their Preferred Pharmacy (as set up in Patient Details).
    • England only - Both their Preferred Pharmacy and their Nominated EPS Pharmacy.

England only

  • Tick/untick Update to enable/disable your patients ability to update their Nominated EPS Pharmacy.

Note - England only, if you disable/enable Update without enabling/disabling View a message displays and Update is changed in line.