Welcome to Vision Tasks!

Our new Tasks app provides an easy to use task management system for your practice. The first release of Tasks is specifically designed to help everyone in your practice create, keep track of and process tasks and to-do lists quickly and easily. Tasks also enables you to quickly and securely:

  • Refer your patients to your Community team for further care, providing they use the Vision Community app.
  • Send and receive tasks from other organisations that you have a legitimate relationship with.

We are really proud of Tasks and are currently working to bring you even more new features. Future releases will bring all of your clinical messages into Tasks, providing a single app to manage all the tasks your practice needs to process on a day by day basis.


Note - Please use the menus at the top of the screen or enter a keyword in the search bar to find getting started information, frequently asked questions, video tutorials and access to our new eLearning facility where you can participate in free end-to-end training in your own time and at your own pace.

See also System Prerequisites and Migrating from Daybook to Tasks.