Administrative Codes

The following codes can be attached to a Task and are recorded back to Vision once the Task is complete:

  • 9....00


  • 8B3H.00
Medication Requested
  • 9N31.00
Telephone Encounter
  • 67I..00


  • 9p...00

Medication Monitoring Administration

  • 8H...00

Referral For Further Care

  • 9N7..12

Patient Asked To Come In

  • 8B2F.00

Prescription by GP

  • 9N7C.00

Patient asked to make an appointment

  • 8B31100

Medication Given

  • 9N2Y.00

Seen By Community Paediatric Nurse

  • ZL63200

Referral To District Nurse

  • 9N1C.11

Home Visit

  • 9Nc..00

Referral Letter Status

  • 9NE1.00

Dictated On Tape:Letter To

  • 414..00

Sample Sent To Lab. For Test

  • 9N38.00

Message From Patient

  • 8B3y.00

Medication Review Of Medical Notes

  • 41C..00

Patient Informed - Test Result

  • 9D1..00

Med3 - Doctor's Statement

  • ZQ3J.00


  • 9N37.00

Message Given To Patient

  • 413..00

Laboratory test requested