Receiving and Allocating Cross Organisational Tasks

Tasks from outside organisations are automatically received into the Unassigned mailbox in Tasks:

Note - The Unassigned mail box is only visible to users with System Administrators rights.

To allocate a task received from another organisation:

  1. From Tasks, select the Unassigned mailbox.
  2. Select the task to allocate from the middle column, the details of the task display to the right:
  • If the task has a patient attached, the patient name displays but not the detail of the task. To view the details, if required for allocation, select a reason for viewing the task details from the available list and select Confirm.

  • The task details display if a patient is not attached.
  • If you need more details to allocate the task, you can use the Conversation facility to ask the originator for more details.

  1. Select Options and select either:
  • Reject - To send the task back to the initiating organisation. You can add a reason in Conversation to clarify why you are rejecting the task. The task is removed from the Unassigned mailbox.
  • Forward - To select the member of staff within your practice to receive this task.

  1. The Forward Task screen displays, simply select the name of the staff member or group to receive this task and select Forward .

Note - Only one recipient (single staff member or group) can be selected for a cross organisation task.
  1. The task is removed from the Unassigned mailbox and displays in the recipient's My tasks list in the usual way ready for processing.