What's New?

Tasks v1.5 November 2019

Tasks v1.5 introduces the following updates to Tasks:

  • Attachments - You can now attach documents to a task from both:
    • A patient record - When selected a list of available documents display.
    • Your network - You can select any document you have access to and attach it to a task.
    See Adding Attachments for details.
  • Notifications - If Tasks is open but minimised or, hidden behind another screen, when you receive a new task, a red disk displays on Tasks on your task bar .
  • All Recipients Must Complete - You can now tick All recipients must complete to create a task that must be completed by all recipients.
    See Creating a Task for details.
  • All Users group - An All Users group is now automatically created and populated from your active practice staff. This group can be used to send tasks and announcements to all of your active staff members.
  • Task Templates - You can now copy a Task Template to speed up the process of creating a new one, select Copy from the template you wish to copy.