Each Task has a Conversation tab to enable messaging between you and any other persons or groups invested in the task:

To start or add to a Conversation:

  1. Select the required task.
  2. Select the Conversation tab , any existing messages display.
  3. Type in your message, up to 1000 characters:


  1. Select Send.
  2. All recipients are notified via their user profile that something is pending and the text displays within the Notification pane:

  • If you have added a comment in error, simply select the X to delete it:

  • Once an item is deleted, you can undo the delete by selecting Undo. This is available until you deselect the task.

Note - We do not recommend you add to the conversation section of a completed task.

View the following video to see more information on Conversations:


Conversations (0:28)

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