How do I know if I have received a Task?


  • A notification alert displays on the Task symbol on your Toolbar .

    If Tasks is open but minimised or, hidden behind another screen, when you receive a new task, a red disk displays on Tasks on your task bar .

  • The notification count displays on your user profile .

    Select your user profile and your notifications display.

    Select the notification to open the task, or select to clear the notification without opening it.

  • The counter next to My tasks increases by the number of incoming tasks.
  • If you are logged into Vision 3, any new tasks and announcements, display in the Tasks pane of the Vision 3 front screen, simply select the task or announcement required and Tasks opens with the selected task/appointment selected:

View the following video to see how to know if you have received a task:


How do I know if I have received a Task? (0:41)

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