Welcome to Vision Utilities

The Utilities Help Centre consists of the following modules:

  • Populate Problems
    Populate Problems enables you to add a problem to a group of patients' records.
    See - Introduction to Populate Problems.
  • Word Processor
    You can set up mail merge templates from the Vision Word Processor module. This enables you to create letters from your patient's record with specified information populated automatically.
    See - Welcome to Vision Word Processor.
  • Drug Dictionary
    The Drug Dictionary utilities enables you to create and maintain drug formularies.
    See - Drug Dictionary Utilities Overview.
  • Read Formulary
    The Read Formulary utility enables you to create and maintain Read formularies.
  • Patient Optimisation
    Currently inactive.
  • Priority Update
    Priority Update allows you to change medical history priorities for a selected group of patients to a single priority.
    See - Priority Update.