Searching for Patients

The patient search facility allows you to search for all patients registered at your practice (patients who were transferred out prior to your data being transferred to the Vision Data Hub are not available). You must be online to do this.

To search for a patient:

  1. From the Vision Anywhere Home screen tap Search button.
  2. The search patient box displays.
    Enter the first few letters of the patient surname and tap Search on the keypad
  3. You can search for patients using the following criteria:

      • Surname
      • Surname and forename
      • Surname and year of birth
      • Date of birth
      • NHS Number or CHI Number

  4. Matching patients displays along with their date of birth, age, gender and NHS number (CHI numbers for practices in Scotland).
  5. Select the patient record, this displays in the Patient Summary screen.
Note - Web Services

Following the implementation of new web services for Vision Anywhere version 3.0, in the event of the Vision system being unavailable, patient records cannot be accessed unless previously downloaded.

If the practice system is offline, the following message displays when trying to access a patient:

“Sorry we are currently unable to access the patient’s medical record. Make sure your device is connected to the internet”

This message will be modified in a later release to reflect the exact issue.