Care Reminders

The screen shows a list of QOF data that needs to be recorded for the patient. The alerts are displayed by QoF category eg hypertension or smoking.

  1. From the Home screen, select a patient. See - Searching for Patients.

  2. The Patient Summary screen displays a count of any outstanding QoF reminders.

  3. Select the arrow to view the reminders.
  4. The detailed reminder list displays.
    Select the arrow for area you wish to update.

  5. The following options are displayed depending on the indicator type.

      • Select a Clinical Term - Select the Add button to record an item. All terms in the list are QOF compliant. The related data entry form is displayed for completion.
      • Record an Exception for this Register - Choose the relevant exception term. The related data entry for is displayed for completion.
      • Prescribe - The standard prescribe form is displayed for completion.
  6. The standard data entry screen launches populated with the associated read code.

  7. The count in the Patient Summary view is now reduced by the number of completed items.

Note - Care Reminders are currently only available to practices who also use Vision Anywhere alongside Vision 3, with a minimum version of DLM485, and are only available when online.