Recording a Consultation

Vision Anywhere Android has a dynamic data entry bar which can be used to add clinical terms, medication and common observations such as blood pressure.

  1. Select a patient. See - Searching for Patients.
  2. The patient record opens on the Patient Summary screen. See - Patient Summary Screen.
  3. Open an encounter. See - Open an Encounter.
  4. The dynamic data entry bar displays.
    Start typing and entries return. A single letter will trigger a common observation, three letters are needed to return either a clinical term or medication.

  5. You can either search for a clinical term, drug or select a data entry form from the list.
    Tap the term you wish to add.
  6. Record notes and select Add to save.

Note - You can add patient data whether online or offline.
Note - Any data added whilst offline is stored and uploaded back to Vision automatically when you next login to Vision Anywhere whilst online, providing the encounter has been closed.
Open encounters are saved to your device and not accessible from any other setting.