The Appointments menu displays a summary of booked appointments.

This is for the logged in user only and you cannot see other people's appointments or appointments which have not been assigned to a clinician ie clinic appointments.

Patient records for patients with booked appointments today automatically download to your device for offline use (they are not counted in the Downloaded Patients menu). From this list you can also open patient records and view future or past appointment bookings.

  1. From the Vision Anywhere Home screen, your next patient displays.
  2. Select the Arrow > to view Appointments Today.
    The list displays.
  3. Use the arrows to access past or future appointment lists for 7 days either side of today.
  4. Tap on a patient from the list to display the patient record.
    The patient record opens in the Patient Summary screen.
    Note - Only your booked appointments display in the list.
    You cannot move, cancel, or mark patients as seen from the Appointments list.
  5. To get back to your Appointments list and front main screen after viewing a patient record, tap the Back button.