Community Pharmacist

The Vision Anywhere access rights for a Community Pharmacist are dependent on the rights allocated when setting the user up in your Vision 3 system.

In order to be able to prescribe in both Vision 3 and Vision Anywhere, the pharmacist needs to set up as a supplementary prescriber with their RPSGB code and Registration or HSW code.

When setting up a new community pharmacist it is useful to check the following:

Does the pharmacist work across more than one practice?

  • Yes - Check that their role i.e. prescribing authority is the same as the other practices, if so check which email address was used and set this email address up in control panel. See - Preparing for Vision Anywhere.
    If their role is slightly different we recommend using a different email address.
  • No - Set the user up as normal.

Will the pharmacist be signing prescriptions?

  • Yes - Ensure that the pharmacist is correctly set up in Vision 3 as a supplementary prescriber, and allocated the correct role in File Maintenance.
  • No - The GPs sign the prescriptions. There is no need to set up the Pharmacist with prescriber settings.

For further information on prescribing please see:

Note - This is to assist with setting up a Community Pharmacist in a practice. To set up a Pharmacist for a Shared Care Service please see - Organisational Services.