Preparing for Vision Anywhere

Setting Up Users for Vision Anywhere for Vision Practices

Before users can login to Vision Anywhere, practice administrators must make sure that each required user has an email address set up in Vision Control Panel. This document details why and how you need to do this.

Why does this need to be done?

In order to access Vision Anywhere (or Practice Access) users need to have a valid user name. To ensure that each user name is unique, Vision Anywhere uses the email address stored in Vision 3 Staff Details for each user as their user name. The Vision 3 staff record is then linked to the Vision Anywhere login.

The user's email addresses together with their Vision passwords and linked staff details will be transferred into the Vision Data Hub ready to be used when Vision Anywhere is enabled for your practice.

Who needs to do this?

Your Vision 3 practice or system administrator must set this up.

Do users need to use an NHS email address?

Yes - a NHS email address is needed.

Can users share email addresses?

Every Vision Anywhere user must have their own email address in order to have a user name for Vision Anywhere, therefore you cannot use shared email addresses.

What happens next?

Once all the user details have been transferred into the Vision Data Hub, your practice can be configured to use Vision Anywhere. Depending on whether your patient's clinical data is already being streamed into the Vision Data Hub, there may be a delay of several weeks before Vision Anywhere is ready to use.

When your practice signed the order for Vision Anywhere, Vision asked for a contact in your practice who would act as Administrator. Once your practice has been fully configured for Vision Anywhere, the administrator, will be contacted to confirm you are ready to carry out the next step in the process.

How do I do this?

Each user who needs to use Vision Anywhere must have their email address set up in Control Panel - File Maintenance - Staff - Communications Numbers:

  1. Go to Vision 3 - Control Panel - File Maintenance - Staff.
  2. Right-click on the staff member and click Edit Staff.
  3. Click on Add in the Communication Nos panel to open the Communication - Add popup.
  4. Enter the user's email address in the Contact box and select Email from the Type of Contact dropdown.

    Vision 3 > Control Panel > File Maintenance > Staff

  5. Click OK to save and close the popup.
  6. Click OK in the main staff window to save your changes.
  7. Repeat this process for every user who needs access to Vision Anywhere.

User details are transferred using the GP Adaptor and the polling for staff detail changes is approximately every hour. After this short delay the user details will have been transferred and users will be able to log into Vision Anywhere with their email address as their username and their Vision 3 password.