Encounters are the equivalent of Consultations in Consultation Manager. They are used to define and group data added during a consultation, for example acute medication, diagnosis and symptoms are contained together within one encounter.

This makes it easy to see what was recorded during current and previous patient consultations.

    • To add data to the patient record, you must first start an encounter - otherwise the patient record is view only (with the exception of issuing medication).
    • When starting an encounter, you need to select the type of encounter you are having with the patient, for example, Surgery Consultation.
    • You must remember to close your encounter so that it can be synchronised with the patient record.
    • Encounters that are left open for 30 days, or encounters that are closed but you have not logged into the app while the device is connected to the internet for 30 days, are automatically removed from Vision Anywhere.
    • Open encounters are wiped from your device if you forget your password.

    • Open Encounters are stored locally on your workstation/device and cannot be accessed when you login in elsewhere.
      Note - Please ensure that all required encounters are saved and closed before switching devices or changing workstation.
      Note – Please ensure that all encounters are closed and uploaded before performing any upgrade on your device, as these will no longer be accessible following the upgrade.
    • You can see a list of all previous encounters by selecting the Encounters menu in the Patient Summary screen.

Video Tutorial

Starting a new Encounter and Adding Data (1.42)