Appointments List

The Vision Anywhere Home screen automatically displays your next booked appointment and a list of appointments in today's next session. Patient records for all today's appointments automatically download to your device for offline use, when there is an active internet connection.

Next Appointment

Your next appointment displays with the booked time and a count down, along with patient demographic information.
The Map button plots the patient's address in Google Maps.

Select the tile to open the patient record.


The Appointments list on the Vision Anywhere front screen initially displays your current or next appointment session.

The Appointment Time, Patient name and Title display, the symbols to the right of the name indicate:

    • - Patient record downloaded.
      Select the button to access demographic details, DNA information and patient notes, for example, needs wheelchair access
    • - Appointment comments
      For example, reason for appointment.
    • - Patient record not yet downloaded
    • - Null NHS / CHI number
      If a patient does not have a valid NHS/CHI number their record cannot be downloaded, therefore no symbol displays.
    • - Special Booking
      Appointment booking for a non-registered patient. If you are in a shared care setting, patients from a practice without a sharing agreement are added as special bookings.

The buttons to the left of the appointments slots show:

    • - Booked appointments slots
    • - Patient seen
    • - Patient waiting
    • - DNA
    • - In consultation
    • - Overdue Appointments
      Indicates the number of minutes the appointment is running late/
    • - Specific appointments slots defined by your practice eg emergency appointments. Click on the slot to see description.
    • - Available appointment slot

Click on the Appointments> heading to see the previous 7 days and next 7 days of your appointments book.