The Correspondence heading in the Patient Summary screen displays a summary of correspondence within the last 3 months.

Select the Correspondence header to display all the documents.

Correspondence can be sent or received, and includes:

  • Referrals
  • Clinical Letters
  • DocMan Letters
  • Photos
Note - If you receive an unexpected error when downloading a Docman document, it may be your Docman license is due for renewal, see for details.

The correspondence can also be filtered. See - Filtering the Patient's Record.

Note - Correspondence entries are currently only available when online, and to practices who use Vision Anywhere alongside Vision 3.

To view an item:

  1. Select the correspondence item.

    The letter summary displays, along with any linked problem.
    See - Problem Linkage.
  2. From the summary, select the letter details to view.

    The letter displays.