Navigating the Home Screen

After logging into Vision Anywhere the Home screen displays:

The Home screen details:


  • Open patient encounters
    Encounters that have not been closed and are therefore not uploaded.
  • Closed patient encounters
    Any encounters that are closed and are waiting to be synchronised at the next log on, when an internet connection is established.
See - Encounters.

Next Appointment

  • This is determined by the time on your device.


  • Displays today's booked appointments.
  • Past appointments (last 7 days).
  • Future appointments (7 days ahead).

Downloaded Patients

  • Patients currently stored on your device for offline access.

Search for a Patient

  • Find any of your registered patients.
  • Select a patient name to open the patient record.

Show Patient Contact Details

  • View patient demographic information.

Other Options

If you select the arrow next to your name the following menu options display:

  • Settings - Access settings and preferences for decision support and encounter settings. See - User Preferences
  • Sign out - Sign out of Vision Anywhere.