What's New?

June 2020 Vision Anywhere v3.5

Summary of Changes

Vision Anywhere release v3.5 contains the following new features and improvements:

  • Vision Anywhere for Business Continuity - Vision Anywhere v3.5 installs an automatic start up. This automatically starts Vision Anywhere and prompts you to log on this in turn downloads your patient list for the last and the next 7 days so should you experience network issue, you have a valuable business continuity service. Although it is not recommended, you can switch this facility off.
    See Business Continuity for details.
  • Appointments Books – To facilitate locating the Appointments book required, they now display alphabetically.
  • Patient Summary – Based on user feedback, the Patient Summary screen now displays in a vertical format, simply use the vertical scroll bar to view all available data. Section headers now display a count and can be selected to display relevant entries.
  • Recent Patients – From your Home screen, Recent Patients now displays a list of your five most recently opened patients; these are retained across your sessions.
  • Medication – The following changes have been made to medication as part of this release:
    • Drug Class – If a medication belongs to more than one drug class, you can now select which class the drug you are prescribing belongs to. Simply select Drug class and choose from the list offered, see Recording Medication for details.

    • Drug Class Writeback to Vision 3 – For medication added to patient records in Vision Anywhere, all associated drug classes are now written back to the patient record in Vision 3.
    • Allergies - Where an existing allergy, intolerance or adverse reaction with a Severity of Potentially fatal exists, for a medication, you are now prevented from prescribing it:

      If you add a potentially fatal allergy where the drug is already active on the patient record, you are prompted to review the medication:

      See Recording Drug Allergy for further details.
    • Out of Practice - You can now record therapy that has been prescribed elsewhere, for example, over the counter medication, in a hospital or handwritten.
      See Recording Medication for details.
    • Handwritten Prescriptions - You can now record hand written prescriptions within Vision Anywhere, simply remove the tick in Print when you record the prescription.
    • ACBSACBS flags are now country specific where appropriate.

  • Display Health Promotion Data – Where recorded in Vision 3, any Health Promotion data displays in the Clinical Record browser and any search results.

  • Display Palliative Care Data – Where recorded in Vision 3, any Palliative Care data displays in the Clinical Record browser and any search results.

  • GenderUnknown and Not Specified gender types are now recognised in Vision Anywhere.

  • Printer Settings – Your printer settings are now retained when Vision Anywhere updates.
  • Test Results – The issue with units defaulting incorrectly has been addressed.
  • Uninstalling Vision Anywhere - There is a new option from within Settings - Application preferences to uninstall Vision Anywhere

England Only

  • QOF Indicators (England only) – When you are searching for a clinical term in an encounter, any terms that are QOF compliant are flagged with a QOF indicator.
  • Print SLS endorsement (Currently England only) – Prescriptions printed for items endorsed as Selected List Scheme now have SLS printed alongside the item.

Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland only

  • Therapy - You can no longer prescribe, issue or reauthorise Discontinued Drugs from Vision Anywhere. This is a temporary measure and will be addressed in a future version of Vision Anywhere.

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