Navigating the Home Screen

After logging into Vision Anywhere the Home screen displays:

The Home screen details:


  • Open patient encounters
    Encounters that have not been closed and are therefore not uploaded.
  • Closed patient encounters
    Any encounters that are closed and are waiting to be synchronised at the next log on, when an internet connection is established.
See Encounters for details.

Next Appointment

  • This is determined by the time on your device.
See The Appointments List for details.


  • Displays today's booked appointments.
  • Past appointments (last 7 days).
  • Future appointments (7 days ahead).
See Viewing Appointment Books for details.

Downloaded Patients

  • Patients currently stored on your device for offline access.
See Downloading Patients for details.

Search for a Patient

  • Find any of your registered patients.
  • Select a patient name to open the patient record.
See Selecting a Patient for details.

Show Patient Contact Details

  • View patient demographic information.
See Patient Demographics for details.

Other Options

If you select the arrow next to your name the following menu options display:

  • Settings - Access settings and preferences for decision support and encounter settings, see Preferences
  • Sign out - Sign out of Vision Anywhere.
See Video Tutorials for details.