What's New?

Vision Anywhere v3.8 - October 2020

Summary of Changes

Vision Anywhere release v3.8 contains the following new features and improvements:

  • SNOMED CT Browser - You can now browse and select from a structured view of SNOMED Clinical Terms. The browser allows you to:

    • Display SNOMED CT terms
    • View details about each concept
    • Select a clinical term
    • Search on a full concept ID to select a specific SNOMED Clinical Term
    • Easily identify SNOMED CT Preferred Terms
  • Preferred Pharmacy - You can now add and update a patient's Preferred Pharmacy from within Vision Anywhere, this prints on the top left-hand corner of the patient's prescription.
    See Preferred Pharmacy for details.
  • Decision Support - You can now choose to enter a reason when you override any decision support warning on either an acute, a new Repeat or a Reauthorisation of an existing Repeat. When you select Save on a medication with decision support warnings, the Decision Support Summary screen displays:

    Enter any comments required in the Reason for overriding these warnings section. Audit information for overrides is held in the V360 Clinical Portal Audit Viewer, see the Audit Viewer help for details.

  • Preferred Term - SNOMED CT concepts that are included in the SNOMED CT preferred terms list, now display with a PT flag against each term, including those on the following:
  • Repeat Medication - The Last ordered date now displays on the reorder form.

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