Templates and Calculators

There are a number of data entry templates and clinical calculators available for you to download and use in Vision Anywhere.

Once downloaded, with a patient selected and from within an encounter you can either:

  • Type the name of the template you are looking for in the dynamic search bar and select it from the smart list returned:

  • Select Templates and Calculators to view the full list:

From the Templates and Calculators screen you can:

  • Access a template or calculator to use - Select the template or calculator required and the appropriate screen displays ready for completion.
  • Filter the templates and calculators displayed - Select Filter to choose from:
    • All - To display all available templates and calculators
    • Downloaded - To display all downloaded templates and calculators
    • Available to download - To display all templates and calculators available to download

    The predefined filters have the number available in brackets after the description.

  • Display the list by group type - Select Group By:
    • None - To display in alphabetical order
    • Type - To group either Templates or Calculators together
  • Define how compact the list displays - Select from:
    • Compact
    • Medium
    • Expanded

    The selected option is highlighted in orange.

  • Sort the columns - Select the up/down arrows above the column you want to sort by and select from Ascending or Descending. The up/down arrow highlights in orange when it is active
  • Download new templates and calculators - Select Download and the selected item automatically downloads and displays in the list ready for use.

Templates and Calculators are released independently of the Vision Anywhere release process as they form part of the Outcomes Manager delivery mechanism.

Note – To print this topic select Print in the top right corner and follow the on-screen prompts.