Using Vision Anywhere in a Shared Care Setting

Most Vision Anywhere functionality is the same whether you are accessing your practice's patients or you are working as part of a shared care organisation.

The following functionality is specific to shared care access:

  • Logging in - When you login to Vision Anywhere, you have the option to select your local practice or your shared care service. Your choice here, determines the appointments list(s) offered. You can select to log in with no appointment book selected.

  • Registration Status - Patients with either a permanent or applied status are available, although this depends on your sharing agreement.
  • Patient Consent - This must be recorded in order to access the patient's record, see Patient Consent for details.
  • Patient Selection - When manually searching for a patient, you can see which practice they are registered at. Vision Anywhere works alongside practices using EMIS Web and Vision and that are part of your sharing agreement.

  • Acute Printing/Re-printing - In a shared care setting, you can print and reprint acute prescriptions. For Vision patients you can also issue, print and reprint repeats, see Prescription Printing for details.
  • Repeat Medication Management - Full repeat medication management is available for Vision registered patients.
  • EMIS Patients - Repeat medication management, decision support, access to care reminders and correspondence are not currently available when you have an EMIS patient selected.
  • Referral Letters - You can generate referral letters for patients, for Vision patients a copy of the letter also files back into the patient's record. For EMIS patients the entry writes back as a general history item without a copy of the letter, this is due to a limitation of the software, see Adding a Referral for details.
  • Windows 7 Minimum Specification
    • Processor 1.33 GHz
    • RAM 2 GB RAM
    • OS Windows 7 SP1, 32-bit and 64-bit
    • Disk space 10 GB
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