Add an Immunisation

  1. Select the Immunisations tab.
  2. Select the arrow in the Immunisations box.
    A dropdown list displays


    Alternatively, you can search for an Immunisation type, enter the name and select the Search Search button.

  3. Select the Immunisation type from the list.
    The immunisation form displays.
  4. PA_Immunisations_Form

  5. The date defaults to today's date.
    To change the date use the format dd-mmm-yyyy or use the date picker.
  6. Select the dropdown next to the Stage box, and select the stage. Depending on the immunisation type, the options available may include:
    • 0 - single vaccine
    • Stage 1 - 6
    • B - booster
    • B2 - 2nd booster
  7. Record the number in the Batch box.
  8. Enter any notes in the Comment box.
  9. Select the Save save button, to finish.