Add Test Results

  1. Select the Tests tab.
  2. In the Add Test entry box, you can enter either:
    • Clinical Code (preceded by #)
    • Clinical Term (minimum of two characters)
  3. Press Enter or click the Search Search button.
    The results display in a dropdown list.


  4. Select the term you want to add.
    A data entry form displays.


  5. The date defaults to today's date.
    To change the date use the format dd-mmm-yyyy or use the date picker.
  6. If appropriate a result box displays, enter the test result.
    Note - The units for the test result reflect the selected test and are displayed alongside the Result box.
  7. Add any notes in the Comment box.
  8. Select the Save save button, to finish.
    Note - If this is the first saved entry of this consultation with the patient, the Consultation window opens allowing you to enter the consultation details. See - Starting a New Consultation.
See - Tests Tab.