Adding Medication

Note - Practice Access does not currently include prescribing decision support.
  1. Select the Therapy tab.
  2. In the Add Therapy entry box enter the drug details.

    Note - You can search on a combination of drug name and strength.
  3. Press Enter or select on the Search Search button.
    The results are display in a dropdown list.
  4. Select the drug from the list.
    The Therapy form displays.


  5. The date defaults to today's date.
    To change the date use the format dd-mmm-yyyy or use the date picker.
  6. Record the Quantity.
  7. Select the preparation type from the dropdown.
  8. If a repeat prescription is required, tick the Repeat checkbox and enter the number of repeats in the box.
    Note - Leave the Repeat checkbox unchecked if this therapy is an acute.
  9. Enter the Dosage.
  10. Select the Save save button.
Note - Prescriptions that are printed cannot be edited or deleted.