Introduction to Practice Access

Practice Access provides secure, remote access to your patient's clinical record including medical history, medication and test results. It also allows you to enter patient consultations while away from your practice and provides a business continuity solution. Data is regularly synchronised between the practice clinical system and Vision Data Hub.

You can access clinical data for patients registered at your own GP practice, or if used in a Shared Care setting this can be configured to include patients from other practices.

You can only amend or delete clinical data added to Practice Access before it synchronises with the practice clinical system, the remainder of the record is view only.


The Practice Access application contains the following five tabs:

Each tab displays entries for the selected patient, along with a data entry box. You can sort the information using the column headers.

Note - At the bottom of the screen, you can choose to display 30, 40 or 50 records per page. To view additional pages enter the page number or use the navigation arrows.

Note - You can use CTRL F to activate the Find function in your browser to search the screen.