Select a Patient

Patient Select allows you to search using various criteria including surname, date of birth and unique patient number (NHS, CHI etc.).

This can be accessed in two ways:

  • Open Practice Access - you are prompted to select a patient.
  • Use the Select Patient button, in the application bar.
  • Note - If you already have a patient open and you choose to select a different patient, the current patient record is closed (prompting you to save any unsaved data). This change of patient reflects throughout all open applications.

The Patient Select screen provides two search modes:

Quick Patient Search

  1. Enter all or part of the patient's surname and optionally forename and/or date of birth in the Search Criteria box:

  2. Click Search.
    A list of patients displays.
  3. Highlight the patient you want to view and click OK.

    If using Practice Access in a shared care setting, the list includes the patient's registered practice.

  4. When a patient is selected, the Prescribing Decision Support Warning displays.
  5. Select Accept to acknowledge the warning and proceed.
  6. In a shared care setting, before you can open the patient record, you are prompted to choose a consent reason.
  7. After choosing the consent reason, click Show Patient Record.

Detailed Patient Search

  1. Alternatively, to perform a detailed search, click on the expand button V360_Expand_Icon to display more search options and enter the required criteria:

    Note - To search by postcode, a minimum of two characters must be entered in the Postcode box.
  2. Click Search to perform the search.
  3. Highlight the patient you want to select and click OK.