Select a Patient

The Patient Select screen allows you to search for a patient using various criteria including surname, date of birth and unique patient number (NHS, CHI etc.). From the search results, you can select a patient and open that patient's record.

The screen can be accessed as follows:

  • When opening Shared Access .
  • When clicking on Select Patient in the Clinical Portal application bar.
    Note - If you already have a patient open and you choose to select a different patient, the currently selected patient record is closed and replaced by the newly selected patient. This change of patient is reflected throughout all open applications and the Patient Banner updates.

The Patient Select screen provides two search modes:

Quick Patient Search

  1. You can perform a quick search for a patient by entering all or part of the patient's surname and optionally forename and/or date of birth in the Search Criteria box:

  2. Click on Search to perform the quick search.
  3. Highlight the patient you want to select and click OK.

    The results also display the practice the patient is registered with.

  4. Choose the appropriate consent reason for accessing the record.

  5. Select Show Summary Record to acknowledge the warning message "Please note that some sensitive diagnostic data relating to psychosexual matters, alternative lifestyles and termination of pregnancy will not be shown by this summary."

Detailed Patient Search

  1. Alternatively, to perform a detailed search, click on the expand button V360_Expand_Icon to display more search options and enter the required criteria:

    Note - To search by postcode, a minimum of two characters must be entered.
  2. Click Search.
    A list of patients display.
  3. Highlight the patient and click OK.