Welcome to Clinical Portal

The Clinical Portal is a central application launcher which gives you access to various clinical and administrative applications. It is designed as a secure gateway to use available applications which can include:

  • Shared Appointments
    Supporting Shared Care organisations by providing centralised appointment books for a locality.
    See - Shared Appointments Help Centre.
  • Practice Access
    Secure remote access to Patient Data, this can be used in a shared care setting or for business continuity purposes.
    See - Introduction to Practice Access.
  • Shared Access
    This provides secure access to patient information for authorised health professionals, subject to sharing agreements.
    See - Shared Access Overview.
  • Organisational Services
    Provides all the back office functions for creating, inactivating and unlocking user accounts, along with resetting passwords.
    See - Organisational Services Help Centre.
  • Settings
    Default settings for version details, time out warning, appointments and printing - if applicable.
    See - Viewing Application Version Information.
  • Audit Viewer
    Access the audit logs for activity details on patients or clinicians, including consent reason for access.
    See - Audit Viewer Help Centre.

There are two types of Clinical Portal users:

  • End Users - Users with a healthcare focused perspective using applications such as Shared Appointments.
  • System Administrators - User who maintain the settings and user accounts, via Vision Data Hub Organisational Services application.
Please use the menus at the top of the screen or enter a keyword in the search bar to find getting started information, frequently asked questions, video tutorials and access to the Vision eLearning Hub where you can participate in free end-to-end training in your own time and at your own pace.