Vision Data Hub Applications

Please see the following Help Centres for more information on the Vision Data Hub applications:

  • Vision Anywhere
    Vision Anywhere for Windows gives GPs and other healthcare workers secure access to patient records in a locality from Vision and EMIS practices.
    It provides both online and offline access, allowing users to view and update patient records with full write back to the patient's record.
  • Community
    The new Community App from Vision is designed to help district nursing teams from all around the UK allocate and monitor the workload of their staff while ensuring that care is provided to their patient's in the most efficient and comprehensive way possible.
  • Shared Appointments
    Shared Appointments works across a Shared Care setting creating a central appointment book for all patients in a locality.
  • Reporting Overview
    Reporting for Shared Care allows organisations to monitor their appointments activity and provide valuable information to review the models of care provided.
  • Organisational Services
    The Organisational Services application is designed to support Shared Care Services by allowing the management and viewing of:
    • Users - Vision Data Hub user accounts including creating users, resetting passwords and unlocking accounts.

    • Services - The viewing of the Shared Care Service with data sharing agreements between organisations.

    • Audit Trail - Full access to user and patient activity.