Tasks Audit

The Tasks Audit screen displays the history for all tasks in a table format making it easy to search, filter and display exactly the information you are looking for.

Note - You must have administrator rights to access Settings - Task Audit, see Security - Add User to Security Group for details.

To access the Tasks Audit screen:

  1. From any screen in Tasks, select Settings .

  2. Select Tasks Audit and the Tasks Audit screen displays with Past week, All statuses, Created by all users and Assigned to any user set as the default filters:

Viewing Audit Information

To view the audit information you require you can use any combination of the following options:

The total number of tasks, in any filtered or unfiltered list, displays at the top of the task list alongside Task audit information:

Note - If you select the Filter the filter options are hidden, simply select the Filter again to display them.
Note – To print this topic select Print in the top right corner and follow the on-screen prompts.