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Vision Anywhere v3.6 Release

Summary of Changes

July 2020 Vision Anywhere v3.6

Vision Anywhere release v3.6 contains the following new features and improvements:

  • Statement for Fitness for Work (eMED3) - An eMED3 can now be created, printed and, if necessary reprinted, from within Vision Anywhere for both shared care and practice-based working. A PDF attachment is created which can be emailed to the patient if required.
    See eMED3 in Vision Anywhere for details.
  • Encounters screen - The Encounters screen has been greatly improved with the ability to view, filter and sort the data recorded within an encounter by:
    • Clinician
    • Encounter Type
    • Date Range
    See Viewing Encounters for details.
  • Templates and Calculators - The Templates and Calculators screen has been redesigned to make it quicker and easier for you to view, find, sort and download templates and calculators.
    See Templates and Calculators for details.
  • Medication - The following medication enhancements have been made as part of the Vision Anywhere v3.6 release:
    • Appliance code - You can now use the appliance code when searching for a drug item from both the:
      • Current Encounter dynamic search bar, and
      • Prescribe form - Drug name

      Enter the appliance code and select from the smart list offered:

    • Print SLS endorsement - Country specific Selected List Scheme (SLS) endorsements now print on prescriptions.
    • Decision Support - In the unlikely event of your patient having a clinical term in their record that has been made inactive in the SNOMED CT dictionary, decision support is not available for any medication against that term. You are now warned of this with an Inactive clinical terms warning which you can expand to identify the inactive clinical term you may need to take into consideration whilst prescribing:

    • Test Qualifiers - To make it easier to identify Abnormal test results, they are now flagged with a yellow traffic light:

      Note - Abnormal pathology results are determined by results that are outside of the normal range set by your pathology lab, you may have a different interpretation of normal/abnormal results.
    • Settings - Printing preferences are now split over two options:
    • Allergies - When recording a drug allergy, you can now select from branded generics and special drug items.
    • Appointments - The Free Slot Search no longer has a 2 week option.

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