Migrating from Daybook to Tasks


Before you can use the new Tasks app, you need to arrange for the migration of your current tasks and templates from Daybook. This is a very simple process, once you have upgraded to Vision 3 release DLM 580, we will contact you to discuss your migration to Tasks and arrange a mutually convenient date; however should you wish to contact us, please do not hesitate to call on 01676 526 213 or email pete.dempsey@visionhealth.co.uk.

Please be assured:

  • All your outstanding Daybook tasks are transferred from Daybook to Tasks.
  • All your Task Templates are transferred from Daybook to Tasks, see Editing or Deleting Task Templates for details on how to review templates that are migrated.
  • Tasks can access all Staff Groups previously used by Daybook which are created and maintained in Vision Control Panel.

It is important to note:

Completed tasks are not transferred from Daybook to Tasks. Once you have migrated to Tasks, should you need access to your old Daybook Tasks, you need to contact the Vision Helpdesk on the usual number.
Announcements are not transferred from Daybook to Tasks. Any current or future announcements must be noted elsewhere (a spreadsheet maybe?) and then once migration has taken place, entered into Tasks manually.
There is currently no facility to access Vision 3 patient records directly from Tasks either automatically or manually. Where a task reminder is required in Consultation Manager or Appointments you must enter it manually from Vision 3.
Tasks cannot currently record Medical History to your patients record, so if any of your existing Task Templates have this option selected it is removed on migration.
There is currently no document viewer facilities available in Tasks. This function is due to be added shortly.
There is currently no option to set Tasks to open automatically. See Accessing Tasks from Vision 3 for details on how to access Tasks.

What do I need to do?

The following should be considered before you migrate to Tasks:

  • It is vital you review all your outstanding tasks in Daybook - Complete as many of your outstanding tasks as possible, especially your system generated ones, to ensure only those tasks that require actioning are migrated.
  • Training - Complete the eLearning and/or use this help centre to find out all you need to know about migrating to and using the Tasks app.
  • Check security rights - By default all staff have access to Tasks, however, only staff with system manager rights in Vision 3 can create and maintain templates and view All tasks including sensitive tasks. See Security - Add User to Security Group for instructions on how to manage Vision 3 security rights.
  • Set up RBAC (England only) - If you were already using Daybook, you should have the main required RBAC activity B0093 Create Work Item on your Smartcard. You need to ensure all staff that may need to use Tasks have this activity on their Smartcards, please contact the relevant person at your Registration Authority (RA) who can help with this.
  • Review staff email addresses - Review, and where necessary add, valid email addresses for your staff in Vision 3 to enable them to log in to Tasks. See Staff - Address for details.
  • Review existing Staff Groups - Review, update and, where necessary, create Staff Groups to enable the most effective allocation of Tasks and the set-up of Template quick lists. See Managing Staff Groups for details. Where a member of staff is in more than one group, task templates are offered in the following order: the first template in each staff group the staff member belongs to, then the second template from each group, then the third etc.
  • Review Task Templates - Any task templates you have created in Daybook are migrated into Tasks. You can review, update, delete and if necessary add to your task templates before you migrate to Tasks to ensure the templates migrated are accurate and appropriate. Click here for instructions on how to manage your Task templates in Daybook.
  • Review outstanding Announcements – As announcements are not migrated to Tasks, any future announcements set up in Daybook need to be noted and then added to Tasks once migration has taken place.


When Migration is Complete

Once you have migrated to Tasks, the Daybook button on the front Vision screen is updated to a Tasks button and the Tasks pane on your Vision 3 front screen is replaced by an expanded Helpline Blog pane. The Patient Messaging notification pane, now displays under the toolbar.

Please be aware, first time you select Tasks you are asked to select your country/health board. Simply select the appropriate response from the available list and select Continue.

You should now check your Task Templates and set the order they display in for each staff group, see Editing or Deleting Task Templates and Setting the Display Order of Task Templates for details.