Incoming Message List View

When a folder list is selected, the message list displays the contents of the current folder and sub-folders.

By combining your selection in the folder list and sorting columns in the message list, the desired set of messages display. Select a column header in the message list, for example, Type or Status, to sort the messages by message type or current status.

Note - The Folder List is designed specifically to select information hierarchically, it is not possible to select more than one folder.

The following information displays for each message:

  • Tick box - Ticked if you have selected the message by using Tick , Tick All or simply selecting the tick box itself.
  • User Alerts - Used primarily to prioritise messages, see Alerts for details.
  • System Alerts - These are set by the sender and cannot be removed, see Alerts for details.
  • Copy Status – This column lists depicts whether the message is an action message, copy or original:
    • Action copy
    • Read only copy
    • No icon displays for original message
  • Status - A filing status icon displays along with a description:
    • Unfiled Message
    • Filed Message
    • Partially filed (for example, pathology messages)
    • Partially filed but considered complete (this message should be treated as filed)
    • Autofiling Failed
    • Cancelled / Superseded - A message can be marked as Cancelled/Superseded if a subsequent message has updated the original.

    For the full list of status's see Status icons.

  • Type of message - A describes the type of message.
  • Read - A tick box only applicable to incoming messages. A tick indicates the message has been read either manually or automatically, see Message Tab for details on setting up the automatic option. To manually read a message, see Marking Messages as Read
  • Date - This shows the date and time the message was:
    • Sent for outgoing messages.
    • Received for incoming messages.
  • Staff - Displays the member of staff the message is allocated to. This is blank if the message is unallocated, or the name is preceded by an asterisk * if the name is not recognised, see Allocating a Message for details.
  • Patient Name - Displays the patient name attached to this message, if the name is preceded with an astrisk *, then the message is not matched to a patient and needs to be assigned, see Assigning a Patient.
  • Action/Subject- Displays the latest action assigned to the message.
  • Copy:
    • No - Indicates the message is not a copy.
    • Yes - Indicates this message is a copy.
    • Action means an action is assigned to you for this message.
  • From/To - Indicates where this message came from.
  • Message Reference - A unique identifier for each message.
See Message Details for further details.