If autofiling is switched on from Tools - Options, most messages, though still unread, are filed automatically into the patient's record in, see Switching on Autofiling.

Those not filed automatically must be filed manually.

To manually file a message, either:

  • Right click and select:
    • File All - Select to file the whole message
    • File Abnormal - Select to file abnormal results only
    • Consider Filing Complete - See Consider Filing Complete for details
    • Edit filed item - Disabled
    • Delete filed item - Disabled
  • Double click on the message, you are asked: Do you wish to file this message? Yes/No, select Yes.

  • Highlight the message and select File - Highlighted.
  • Tick the message and select File - Ticked.
  • To file results from only one tab of a multi-specimen message, right click within a result pane and select File Tab, this files the results on the current tab only.

On the messages list the filed icon displays.

A message will not file if: