Registration Tab


Most of the Registration tab is completed automatically from the registration process.

The Registration tab displays:

  • Registration status - Usually selected in the initial stages of adding a new patient, see Registration Status for details.
    • The registration status automatically changes from Applied to Permanent when an Approval transaction is received, see Registration Links Summary.
  • Registered GP - The Registered GP is selected as part of the registration process, see Registered GP. If a patient wants to register with another partner in the practice, see Change of GP within the practice – Internal Transfer.
  • Change Status – No longer used.
  • Date Applied - This is the date automatically entered by the system when you add a new patient, see Applied date for details. You may edit it. This is the date of the outgoing Acceptance Transaction, as long as the registration is complete. If re-registering a patient, the applied date defaults to today's date and displays in red.
  • Date Accepted - The Date Accepted or Acceptance Date is the date that your TP approve the new patient.
    Note - If you change the patient's GP to another partner (Internal Transfer), you are asked if you want to update the Applied and Accepted dates.
  • TP and HA/HB/CSA - This is usually entered in the initial stages of adding a new patient, see TP, HB or CSA for details.
  • Change HA/HB/CSA - If you want to edit the HA/HB/CSA because the patient has changed address and Health Authority, see Change an address, Address Change - Change HA /Same GP – Registration Links, and Address Change - Change HA/Same GP (Non-Registration Links) for details.
  • DHA - No longer used.
  • Previous Address - Previous address recorded.
  • Previous Agency - This entry is optional but is usually entered in the initial stages of adding a permanent patient.
  • Usual GP - Defaults with to no selection. The Usual GP is the doctor the patient usually sees and can be different from the Registered GP.
    Important - If a patient is registered to a Pooled GP list, the Usual GP must be set.
  • Previous GP - Previous Registered GP.
  • CHS entries - see Child Health Surveillance.
  • Transferred Out Reason and Transferred Out - The transferred out reason displays if a patient is no longer registered to your practice.
    Note - Only your TP can "remove" patients with a Deduction Transaction. You can, however request a deduction or Security - Deduct a patient.

If this is a new patient, select Next to continue, or select OK to save and close.

See New Patient Check List for further details.
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